The Definitive Guide to Finding a Better Energy Broker

When it comes to purchasing energy, the options seem endless. Should you buy through a third party supplier? If so, how do you choose? And how do you know if you're getting the best rate?

Before you give up on the energy procurement process altogether, here's something you should know: over 95% of the country's largest real estate owners and managers save billions of dollars a year by procuring energy through third-party suppliers.

Working with an energy broker saves you time and money. Whether you're in the market for a new broker or already on contract, here are 8 things to look for so you can reduce costs and increase net operating income.

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Reaching Ambitious Sustainability Goals Through Energy Data

The Snohomish County, WA Office of Energy and Sustainability (OES) works to conserve natural resources, facilitate environmental stewardship, and reduce the County’s carbon footprint. OES implements innovative policies and programs that address environmental challenges. One such program is an initiative to reduce water usage by 20% and energy usage by 30% by 2020. To meet this ambitious goal, OES needed a platform that could automatically import utility bills, measure and benchmark energy performance across its whole portfolio, as well as save time and labor.

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What should you do when your energy use spikes

If you’re a property manager, you know the feeling: you open up an energy bill and break into a cold sweat at the sight of a sky-high number. Your mind races, thinking of any and every possible cause of the spike. Maybe you even have a hunch as to the source of the problem, but how do you know for sure?

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WegoTalks: A Briefing with Barun Singh

Over the past six years, WegoWise has grown from a team of a few people to a fantastic group of over 50! As the company continues to grow, we strive to stay as connected as possible, even with our team being spread across the globe. Through this series of WegoTalks interviews, we hope to share with you the stories of the people who’ve been here since the beginning of WegoWise and introduce you to those who have helped shaped the company into its current form.

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This week, we sat down with Barun Singh, the founder of WegoWise. As the Chief Technology Officer, he leads all aspects of product development and technological innovation.  Prior to this, Barun was owner and CEO of Thinkify LLC, an internet technology development and consulting company, and did his graduate research at MIT in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Free Energy Benchmarking for Oregon Multifamily Housing!

If you are an owner or manager of multifamily housing in Oregon looking to increase the energy efficiency of your properties, WegoWise, in collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon, has a golden opportunity for you.

Eligible properties can receive free energy assessments and instant savings upgrades as well as cash incentives for a variety of energy efficiency upgrades. To date, WegoWise has benchmarked energy and water use in over 11,000 units and 10 million square feet for Energy Trust and aims to benchmark an additional 100 buildings before the end of the year. Join other successful owners and managers in increasing the efficiency of your portfolio!

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