WegoWise's Top 5 Ways to Green your Halloween

Alright, all you procrastinators out there. Halloween is right around the corner, so it's a little too late to build the Iron Man suit replica you’ve been planning. Time to move to Plan B.  Here at WegoWise, we take Halloween very seriously (HalloWego!).

Read on for some of our ideas on how to make October 31st spook-tacular and a little greener than last year. 

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Getting Your Tenant Energy Benchmarking Release Back: 5 Collection Strategies That Work

As a property manager, you know that one challenge can be getting the necessary paperwork distributed to - and back from - your tenants. And now you've decided to do an energy benchmarking exercise. In order for you to track and analyze the way your building is using water and energy, you must reach out to your tenants, requesting usage histories for the spaces they occupy.

All you need is a good plan for getting forms from your desk to your tenant's doors, and back again. There's no universal solution but the plan you develop will set the tone of how you engage with your tenants. Today, we'll outline different distribution and collection methods so you can think about which options might work best for you. They are listed in order by required time, from most time-intensive to least.

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Greening NFL Stadiums: Football Gets Sustainable

UPDATE: In recognition of National Energy Action month and football season, we thought it apt to refresh this article. See how (or if!) your favorite NFL team stacks up in this cool NFL Stadium Energy Showdown infographic.

And don't forget, you can do your part as a consumer by tracking your home's energy usage with WegoHome, a free online energy benchmarking tool.  You can also find great resources at Energy.gov including facility, office, and home energy checklists.

The majority of NFL fans probably attend games to see bone-crushing hits, gun-slinging quarterbacks and one-handed touchdown catches in the corner of the end zone.  However, beneath the surface many teams have high performing pieces that don’t simply include their player personnel.  Franchises across the league are increasingly realizing the benefits of sustainability and many are taking major steps towards greening the NFL.

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Under the Hood of the WegoScore (Part II)

This post is the second in a pair of studies on features of the WegoScore. (Part I is here.)

With our large, rich dataset of multifamily properties from across the country, we were tempted to create a complex formula to distill a score from many building characteristics and auxiliary data. But after much investigation, we decided on a simple, intuitive approach.

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Under the Hood of the WegoScore (Part I)

Last week we launched the WegoScore for multifamily buildings, the simplest useful metric for monitoring multifamily building utility performance.

I want to address one subtle, but important aspect of the WegoScore: the score maps directly to the efficiency of a building, not just how it stacks up to other buildings. We think this is the best way to score buildings.

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Improving our CO2 calculations

WegoWise has a great feature that lets you see the environmental impact of your energy consumption in terms of CO2 emissions. Recently, we changed how these calculations are performed, making them more precise. This all happened behind the scenes, so users saw a feature upgrade without needing to learn any new interfaces. The details behind these changes are interesting, though, and we'd like to tell you about it.

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Anatomy of a design change: the new Summary View

Design is at the core of how we think about our product. But have you ever wondered what this actually means in practice? A couple days ago, we launched a new version of the Summary View, and thought this might be a great way to open the curtains a bit for you.

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WegoWise building summary redesign

Announcing the WegoScore

At WegoWise, we've learned how to condense many streams of building utility data into simple, informative graphs and reports. With this information, building owners and stakeholders can make targeted upgrade investments to save energy, money, and time.

Today, we are releasing the WegoScore for multifamily buildings, which further distills a building's energy and water use into just three numbers. Each building is graded on a 1-to-100 scale for its total energy use, carbon emissions, and water use. These high-level metrics will help enable quick comparisons to similar buildings, showing managers and owners how their buildings measure up to the rest of the built environment.

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A user's WegoScore

Simplify your utility allowance calculations: A Closer Look At MSHDA

Your utility allowance report submission deadline is drawing near. You've requested the tenant utility data from your utility and, after weeks of waiting, are dismayed to see it now requires manual entry into a spreadsheet in order to do the calculations necessary to determine the new allowances. Then it all gets repeated for the next development's due date. And the next. Sound familiar?

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Three Ways Utility Benchmarking Will Save You Money

One of the best things about helping your buildings use less energy is that it will simultaneously help your wallet spend less money. Thank goodness for that! The world of energy management would be a dark place if the economics of energy efficiency didn't make sense. This is one big reason it's important to understand how to take advantage of energy management's best practices.

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