WegoWise's Top 5 Links For Green Technolog

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. This Friday we're focusing on technology--not just the newfangled stuff coming down the pike, but also interesting takes on existing products. So peruse our best links, give us some feedback and be sure to share some of the info you just gleaned with other interested parties at the parties you are hopefully attending this weekend. Brought to you by DanNateSean and Lily.

  1. New SolarWindows Would Be First See-Through Windows to Generate Electricity: If roof-mount, shingles, or awnings aren't enough for you, perhaps you could try PV windows. 
  2. A Rare Peak Behind the Scenes at GE's LED Research Complex: Some innovative applications of LED technology are in the making.
  3. Electric Delivery Van: The Fully Charged Review: A lower maintenance, greener way of delivering goods around town.
  4. Soft-Ride Bike Has Steel Tires: Yes, you read that right.  No rubber tires or tubes to replace or throw out!  
  5. Floor Tiles Will Harvest Footsteps to Light Shopping Center: Human power lights things up.