USGBC and WegoWise Partner for Utility Tracking

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Earlier this month at Greenbuild, USGBC announced a partnership with WegoWise as part of its Building Performance Partnership (BPP).  The BPP is in the first phase of a two-phased process.   The current phase will collect water and energy data from LEED certified buildings.  USGBC's partnership with WegoWise will allow it to collect information from multi-family buildings certified under the LEED for Homes rating system.  This is part of USGBC's greater effort to engage LEED building owners to better optimize the performance of buildings through data collection, analysis, and action. 

Certified LEED for Homes multifamily projects are eligible for a free year of WegoPro, thanks to the partnership.  Data collected from projects will help to populate a comprehensive green building database, enable standardization of reporting metrics and analytics, and establish new performance benchmarks. 

Projects currently pursuing LEED for Homes certification can earn credit for Pilot Credit 38 by using WegoWise.  Project teams should go through their LEED for Homes Provider for details.  Projects can sign up for a free WegoBasic account and then convert to their free WegoPro account once certification is achieved.

Project owners and managers will benefit from seeing how their building is performing and comparing it to both standard buildings and buildings certified under LEED and other green building programs. They will also be able to compare actual utility usage with the usage projected in energy models.  Comparing the project and actual usage can help in determining if the building is operating as designed or if there may be systems not performing well.