Reduced Emissions and Improved Quality of Life through Urban Cycling

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Since late July, riders of Boston’s Hubway bicycle sharing program have traveled well over 100,000 miles on the system’s 600 bicycles. This figure has exceeded expectations, and the City’s enthusiasm has been reflected in Hubway’s expansion from 41 to 61 bicycle stations in under three months time.

Another North American bicycle sharing success:

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While successful bike sharing systems are fairly new to the States, there are more than 200 worldwide, with particular traction in Europe, where programs have existed in various forms since the 60’s.

These programs benefit their locales logistically and environmentally by reducing traffic congestion, freeing up parking and lowering noise pollution, all while cutting down on emissions from personal automobiles. Communities are helped by a potential solution to the “last mile” issue by providing people with a way to get from public transit to their final destination, and individual users are spared the worries of maintenance, storage and theft that come with bicycle ownership.

What Bostonians need to know:

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Well over 20,000 car journeys have been eliminated since mid-summer. Keep it up!