How to Have an Organic Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time of giving.  However, what many turkey consumers forget is that our delicious meal (and the traveling we do to enjoy the meal) takes away from the quality of our environment and has a very large carbon footprint.  If you haven't already purchased your bird, it is not too late to find an organic Thanksgiving turkey that is sustainably produced.  Here are some DOs and DON'Ts to consider when purchasing your bird:


By purchasing a local, sustainably raised bird, you can drastically reduce your Thanksgiving carbon footprint.  According to the Center for Food Safety, 915,000 barrels of oil are needed to produce and ship all the turkeys Americans eat.  In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, a report published by the University of Manchester in England found that a turkey meal for eight people produces approximately 44 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions60% of these emissions come from the life cycle of the turkey alone, which can be drastically reduced by purchasing a turkey that is sustainably raised.  Furthermore, half of all methane emissions are from CAFOs. 

Already purchased your bird?  You can still reduce your Thanksgiving meal's carbon footprint by purchasing local ingredients for your other dishes.  Many of the ingredients can be found at farmers markets, or you can find organic options at grocery stores.  Every little bit helps to reduce your meal's environmental impact, and by purchasing local and organic ingredients, you may also find that the quality of your meal improves.  And don't forget to compost your table scraps and save your leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving!