WegoWise's Top 5 Links for Beer Lovers

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. Whether your holiday season brings evergreens or palms, it's a nice time of year for a cold one.  The craft beer movement of the past 20-or-so years has made tasty beers not only more accessible, but also more sustainable.  So peruse our best links, give us some feedback and be sure to share some of the info you just gleaned with other interested parties at the parties you are hopefully attending this weekend. Brought to you by DanNateLilyCatherineCaseyJoanna, Sam and Adam.

1. Craft Beer in Cans - The beer can in your refrigerator doesn't just hold swill anymore!  Ever since Dale Katechis started canning his signature Oskar Blues Pale Ale back in 2002, hundreds of craft breweries across the country have jumped on the bandwagon.  Canned beer last longer (less light exposure) and is less costly to ship.  Increased packing density and lighter-weight packaging means that the shipping process is more energy efficient, and your BPGs (beers per gallon) are higher than ever.

2. Buy Local, Drink Local - Reduce the beer miles on your next pint by choosing a locally brewed and packaged beer.  Check out the Brewers Association's database to find a brewer near you!

3. Organic Beer - Nix the nasty pesticides and other chemicals associated with industrial agriculture and spring for a USDA certified organic beer.

4. Homebrew! - It's easier than ever to get started brewing your own ultra-local beer at home. 

5. Reusable Totes and Caddies - Now that you've got your homebrewed loose bottles, pack them up and take a custom six-pack on a picnic!  With lots of styles (even growlers) finding just the right carrier for your favorite drinks is a breeze.