WegoWise's Top 5 Links for Resilience

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Whether you're looking to become a more informed citizen, or just kill some time before 5on a Friday, WegoWise has got you covered!  Resilience is the idea that in a world that is increasingly unpredictable, simple sustainability is not enough, and that we need to be prepared to cope with consistently changing conditions.  Resilience applies to just about every facet of society, including the environment, our food supply, geopolitics and the economy.  Think of it as a way of understanding complex and volatile systems, and preparing to adapt.  Go ahead and peruse our best links, drop a comment below, and be sure to share some of the information you just learned with other interested parties at the parties you're hopefully attending this weekend.

1. To Control Floods, the Dutch Turn to Nature for Inspiration - Environment 360

2. Forget Sustainability, It's about Resilience - NY Times

3. Can Cities Be "Resilient" and "Sustainable" at the Same Time? - Slate

4. Will Biomimicry Offer a Way Forward, Post-Sandy? - NY Times

5. Uncertainty and Risk: Building a Resilient West - Lincoln Institute of Land Policy