Introducing WegoStaticometer: The shockingly simple energy monitor


At WegoWise, quality comes first. We have heated debates over building characteristics, spend hours scrutinizing utility bills to make sure we're pulling every possible detail, and never create a benchmark with fewer than twenty buildings. 

Knowing this priority, you might begin to understand how hard it has been for us to not provide our users with means to track static electricity production in their buildings. We wanted to offer this crucial information about net energy use on day one, but were forced to push the release off again and again until we had an option that stood up to our rigorous standards.

Well, today's the day.

Static Electricity Tracking

Enter WegoStaticometer. Elegant and simple, the WegoStaticometer attaches discretely to a wearer's wrist, and in a fashion similar to a pedometer, provides real-time feedback on static electricity production. This data then wirelessly syncs to the wearer's WegoWise account, driving down the building’s net energy consumption score. Sean Shanley, Director of Project Design at WegoWise, comments: "We're so excited to finally be able to measure static electricity production for our users. It feels good to say that we truly are tracking net energy use here. This product will launch WegoWise well beyond its competitors in the energy analytics field."

WegoStaticometer will also change the way individuals think about their personal energy production. Any purchaser will gain access to the WegoWise static energy database (surely the largest in the country) with automated benchmarks, based on weight, location, footwear, and dryer sheet use. These users will finally have answers to the questions they've been asking all along:

Nate Brevard, Project Specialist at WegoWise, has been monitoring his energy use with WegoStaticometer for nearly three months. He comments: "I had no idea that everyday I was making such big a difference in the world by producing earth-friendly static electricity. I couldn't live without this product."

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Project Specialst Adam Nestler models the WegoStaticometerPro. (Available for purchase in pink, orange and rainbow.)

Want more? Upgrade to WegoStaticometerPro! 

Your Pro subscription will feature a notification system for high static levels. Never get shocked by that metal doorknob again!