WegoWise Top 5 Links for Music Festivals

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The WegoWise office is abuzz today in anticipation of our homecity's own music festival, Boston Calling, this weekend. Music festivals continue to gain popularity around the world, with thousands of eventgoers streaming in to remote (and not-so-remote) locations to celebrate and listen to some tunes.  With such a concentration of people staying, partying, and doing the things people do, music festivals have an uphill struggle to avoid potentially serious environmental impacts.  Whether your a concerned citizen, an avid festival-goer, or planning your own Memorial Day "boombox, burgers and buds" backyard festival this weekend, take a look at our Friday links and get some knowledge!

1.  First, check out a primer on the environmental issues involved with music festivals, as well as some success stories.


2. A Greener Festival is a non-profit organization based in Scotland that helps promote, advocate, and provide resources for festival organizers

3. Organizing an event?  Check out this guide to sustainable festivals for a look at the principles and techniques you should make use of.

4. The environmental impact of events large and small is a big concern for mega-events like the Olympics.  That's why the International Standards Organization has released a new set of standards to establish best practices.

5.  Lastly, get out there and find an event!