Energy Star Portfolio Manager Upgrade: What Is It?

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EPA Investing in New Energy Star Portfolio Manager Web Services   The EPA is closing in on the scheduled release of their newly upgraded Energy Star Portfolio Manager that will make benchmarking building energy efficiency more, for lack of a better word, efficient.   The upgrade will include changes to the database architecture, system processing, web services, and user interface.  All changes are being made with an overarching purpose of improving functionality and usability for all parties.  Most notable for the Portfolio Manager user, is that the web services, formally known as Automated Benchmarking Services (ABS), will have a new software design to simplify the process of exchanging data with Portfolio Manager.

National Standard for Commercial Building Energy Benchmarks

As you most likely know if you are reading this, Portfolio Manager is the tool that the EPA provides in their Energy Star program for understanding building energy performance. It measures, tracks, and assesses energy and water consumption and it is a valuable foundation for benchmarking building efficiency.  According to Energy Star, it currently consists of over 300,000 benchmarked buildings. The tool has taken on increased importance as governments accross the USA have embraced energy disclosure laws like AB1103 in California, Local Law 84 in NYC, and BERDO in Boston.

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WegoWise provides Energy Star Benchmarking for commercial buildings by utilizing Portfolio Manager web services, and provides utility benchmarks for the multi-family housing market utilizing our industry leading multi-family database. 

New Energy Star Web Services Makes Life Easier

The big change that will take place in regards to the web services software is replacing the old Standard Operation Access Protocol (SOAP) with the new REST protocol.  REST stands for Representational State Transfer and will include web services that use these 4 basic methods:

These four simple functions will create a system that relies on smaller transactions than before. That means that data for one meter within Portfolio Manager exists on it’s own rather than being clumped together with data from other meters.  It also means that trouble-shooting will be easier.  One can program the system to respond to specific error codes to avoid future problems, and since the data is small and isolated for each individual call, less will need to be reviewed to fix a problem.  

Other Benefits of the New Energy Star Web Services

The scheduled release date for the upgraded Portfolio Manager is July 10, 2013.  Energy Star has given notice that it will be unavailable from June 26 through July 9 to allow the data to be transported into the new version. See EPA Website for more information.

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