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We are proud to introduce a new collection of data visualizations, made from our growing database of nearly 20,000 buildings and 1,800,000 meter readings. Check out to play with the first set of interactive graphs, and stay tuned for more as we uncover new insights and ways to display them. 

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At WegoWise, we love data. Transparent access to building usage data helps our users make informed decisions. At the same time, more utility readings help us improve the application and create new features. We also believe in sharing knowledge, evidenced by this blog and our contributions to open source software.

We combined this enthusiasm with our growing database to create, a hybrid between a visual blog and an interactive infographic. There, you will find data-driven insights alongside playful visual interpretations. 

As we uncover new conclusions, or find new ways of interacting with our data (or public data), we'll update the site.

Data wonks may be interested to know that the visualizations were made with D3, a highly expressive JavaScript library. All data has been anonymized to protect our users.