Five Major Ways Your Building is Losing Energy (& How To Find Them)!

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We all want to know where we can get the best deals – whether you’re a coupon clipper, a sale hunter, or an expert bargainer, saving cash is always gratifying. Today we’re addressing the age-old question of how you can save the most on utility expenses. You might have an idea of how to reduce the amount of money you’re paying for energy and water every month, but there are a lot of small changes you can make that will make a significant impact on saving your building energy and money.

1. Leaking Air


 2. Lighting

3. Tenant Habits 

4. Programming Issues

5. Wild Cards: 

To get a better idea of how your building is doing, look into ways where you can track and visualize your utility data. You could be missing out on some easy ways to save big bucks! 

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