Holy Usage Spikes, Readers!: Introducing the WegoSignal


One year after the revolutionary introduction of the Staticometer, WegoWise is proud to announce a new foray into efficiency-enabling hardware. The WegoSignal, patent-pending, leverages real-time utility use data to provide an unprecedented level of insight into when a building is using more energy or water than it should. Firing a beam of light high into the night sky, a building owner who has installed the WegoSignal will be instantly notified of leaks, failing equipment, or high occupant usage when they see their signal emblazoned on the clouds with the 10m Lumen spotlight.

Currently in a pilot-phase in Boston, the WegoSignal is already alerting building owners to problems in their buildings. Said one local owner of a high-rise apartment building, "Before WegoSignal, I never knew if my investment property was losing me money through the night, but now things are different. Just yesterday I awoke in the night to the shining of the signal, and knew that I had to get to work."

WegoSignal alerts users to spikes in utility consumption

The WegoSignal is not without its critics. In a recent interview, pioneering HVAC designer Dr. Victor Fries protested, "The lights of the WegoSignal will release massive heat pollution into our already-sweltering urban islands. The night, once an oasis of cool after hot city days, will be lit up by lights rivaling the scorching, malevolent sun."

In response, WegoSignal designer Edward P. Anda, commented at a recent ACEEE conference, "Fries is an extremist, and his negative outbursts only have a chilling effect on exciting projects like this."

When asked for comment, Fries added only: "Frosty."

With the nationwide increase in utility benchmarking and disclosure ordinances, expect to see widespread installation of WegoSignal units in major metropolitan areas throughout the coming year. Following a massively successful kickstarter campaign, and with angel funding from Wayne Enterprises, the WegoSignal is positioned to spread across the country faster than a souped-up '55 Futura.