Getting Started with Water and Energy Management

Whether you've just been tasked with coming up with an energy management plan for your organization or you're kickstarting the initiative because you're the resident green-advocate, we can help you get started. While energy efficiency and energy management can be laden with lots of technical jargon, getting a handle on your building's water and energy use does not have to require an engineering degree.

We've thought about the common questions that WegoWise users have time and again and put together a quick primer to get anyone up-to-speed with the basics of energy management. We want this primer to be a gateway for anybody interested in cutting costs, reducing their carbon footprint, or saving energy and water to become fluent in the concepts, techniques, and language of energy and water management.

Water and Energy Management - Free guide

This primer will help you:

  • Think and speak intelligently about utility tracking, performance benchmarking, and measurement and verification of building upgrades
  • Understand your options for implementing these strategies in your properties
  • Become an advocate for utility conservation and efficiency within your organization
  • Be the hero when you're the one catching usage spikes, billing errors, and improperly installed equipment

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