Performing M&V When You Have Solar

If you’ve installed solar panels as part of a building upgrade, congratulations!  But as you're patting yourself on the back, you may also be wondering "How do I show the savings from that retrofit?"  Without solar, it’s a pretty straightforward look at pre- and post-retrofit usage. But solar throws a wrench into that.  You likely now have a net meter and a utility bill with new line items that don’t make a lot of sense - kWh received, kWh delivered, net metering credit, etc. What's it all mean and can you gain any valuable insight from all these numbers?

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Energy Efficient States: The Winners and Losers

Energy efficiency has become a central issue in many states and several have begun implementing efficiency programs across their utilities, transportation codes, and state government initiatives. Not only are these policies good for the environment, but they also help property owners cut costs.

Utilities are one of the biggest expenses for building owners, so efficiency programs, state legislature around energy use, and municipal and state compliance rules shouldn’t be viewed as red tape, but instead a win-win for everyone.

Now the question is, how does your state measure up?

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Why You Can't Just Google "Average Energy Use"

GOOGLE...It's everyone's go-to for finding answers to any questions we may ponder. And I admit, I'm guilty of relying on Google as the ultimate authority. This reliance has even impacted our memories to the extent that psychologists have coined it the Google Effect.  But as a building energy enthusiast, how many times have you searched for a simple "average energy use" number only to find outdated case studies or appliance-specific averages? In a world where we expect simple and immediate answers, why is it so difficult to Google the "average energy use" for a building? Today we help answer what Google can't.

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Average Energy Use

A Selection from Ghoul Songs: poems to haunt and delight

Happy Halloween everyone! Last night we celebrated the second annual HalloWego, where we played giant Jenga, had a Doughnuts on a String contest, and chowed down on Santarpios pizza. Costumes ranged from the spine-chilling to the satirical, with inspiration coming from The Shining, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and WegoWise itself (storm of importer errors, anyone?). 

In the spirit of Hallows Eve, our very own Sam Watters has created a small booklet of frightful poems, which he has graciously let us feature on the blog today. Enjoy......if you dare!!

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Hey NYC! Let’s Improve Your Buildings’ Energy Performance Today (LL84 is Looming)

Editor's Note:  Want to learn about the upcoming changes to LL84 in 2015? Join us for Beyond LL84 Compliance: Getting More from Energy Benchmarking on Thursday, December 11th. Also, get our Local Law 84 compliance guide for up-to-date deadlines, fines and requirements. Best of all, we show you how quick and painless it is to comply with LL84 using WegoWise!

Complying with Local Law 84 (LL84) and other local laws doesn't need to be painful. WegoWise offers an affordable compliance service so you can quickly collect, track and analyze energy data over time. And the fringe benefits? Improved building energy performance and cost savings.

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WegoWise's Top 5 Ways to Green your Halloween

Alright, all you procrastinators out there. Halloween is right around the corner, so it's a little too late to build the Iron Man suit replica you’ve been planning. Time to move to Plan B.  Here at WegoWise, we take Halloween very seriously (HalloWego!).

Read on for some of our ideas on how to make October 31st spook-tacular and a little greener than last year. 

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Getting Your Tenant Energy Benchmarking Release Back: 5 Collection Strategies That Work

As a property manager, you know that one challenge can be getting the necessary paperwork distributed to - and back from - your tenants. And now you've decided to do an energy benchmarking exercise. In order for you to track and analyze the way your building is using water and energy, you must reach out to your tenants, requesting usage histories for the spaces they occupy.

All you need is a good plan for getting forms from your desk to your tenant's doors, and back again. There's no universal solution but the plan you develop will set the tone of how you engage with your tenants. Today, we'll outline different distribution and collection methods so you can think about which options might work best for you. They are listed in order by required time, from most time-intensive to least.

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Greening NFL Stadiums: Football Gets Sustainable

UPDATE: In recognition of National Energy Action month and football season, we thought it apt to refresh this article. See how (or if!) your favorite NFL team stacks up in this cool NFL Stadium Energy Showdown infographic.

And don't forget, you can do your part as a consumer by tracking your home's energy usage with WegoHome, a free online energy benchmarking tool.  You can also find great resources at including facility, office, and home energy checklists.

The majority of NFL fans probably attend games to see bone-crushing hits, gun-slinging quarterbacks and one-handed touchdown catches in the corner of the end zone.  However, beneath the surface many teams have high performing pieces that don’t simply include their player personnel.  Franchises across the league are increasingly realizing the benefits of sustainability and many are taking major steps towards greening the NFL.

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Under the Hood of the WegoScore (Part II)

This post is the second in a pair of studies on features of the WegoScore. (Part I is here.)

With our large, rich dataset of multifamily properties from across the country, we were tempted to create a complex formula to distill a score from many building characteristics and auxiliary data. But after much investigation, we decided on a simple, intuitive approach.

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