A Selection from Ghoul Songs: poems to haunt and delight


Happy Halloween everyone! Last night we celebrated the second annual HalloWego, where we played giant Jenga, had a Doughnuts on a String contest, and chowed down on Santarpios pizza. Costumes ranged from the spine-chilling to the satirical, with inspiration coming from The Shining, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and WegoWise itself (storm of importer errors, anyone?). 

In the spirit of Hallows Eve, our very own Sam Watters has created a small booklet of frightful poems, which he has graciously let us feature on the blog today. Enjoy......if you dare!!

I died before it was cool

I died before it was cool, before
Everyone decided they wanted to haunt.

When i came to this graveyard it was
Full of character, lots of
Old russian lady's ghosts, you know?

Now these nouveau deceased are moving in
With their bourgoise family tombs
Their urban outfit gloom
Their graves meticulously trim and
Laid with weekly blooms.

But i was here when there were
Dark corners of the yard. Down by
The overgrown plots where you
Didn't go if you knew what was good for you where
Old words crept out of
Old stones to the
Old sky and the
Old stars

But now those words dont whisper and
This place is all bought out
Time to move out to the suburbs and
Haunt myself a house.


Don't forget, you can also take the fright out of utility bills by monitoring your building's energy use with our energy benchmarking tool, WegoPro. Happy Hallo(Wego) from the WegoWise team! 

HalloWego 2014