Anatomy of a design change: the new Summary View

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Design is at the core of how we think about our product. But have you ever wondered what this actually means in practice? A couple days ago, we launched a new version of the Summary View, and thought this might be a great way to open the curtains a bit for you.

WegoWise building summary redesign

A good design always starts with a good understanding of what we're trying to accomplish. The Summary View is meant to be a snapshot in time of where your building stands compared to relevant benchmarks, and how your costs break down. It has several components:

These fundamental components are a good way to meet the overall objectives for the page, but we realized that they just weren't designed as well as they could be. We spent several weeks iterating over dozens of ways we could change the layout, visualizations, and styles to build something that would embody our design objectives. It was worth the hard work, though; we're excited about the transformation:

There are some obvious changes that you probably noticed right away. The new design feels less cluttered and busy. It's a little more zen, in keeping with the overall aesthetic we've been transitioning to. But these design changes aren't just based on subjective preferences. They're a result of thinking carefully about what the page is meant to accomplish, and how we might do that in the clearest way.

We improved the visual design based on several basic principles:

Another bonus: if your building is eligible for a WegoScore, you can now see it on the Summary View.

And, just for fun, we'll leave you with an animated gif of the new page in action.

New summary view example

Check it out and let us know what you think!


Dan Winer, John Rutherford, and Jed Dewyea contributed to this post.