Earth Day by the Numbers: Records set since the last Earth Day

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Earth has been busily breaking records over the last year.  While breaking a record is usually an accomplishment to be celebrated, these are more of a reminder of how much we still need to do to make sure that these records are not repeated year after year.  So in honor of Earth Day, here are 5 notable records that have fallen since the last Earth Day.

1. March 2015 ended the hottest 12 month period on record since record keeping started around the 1880s. This record has been broken a decent number of times over the last decade, so the record may be broken again by next Earth Day. 

2.  In a similar vein, 2014 was the hottest calendar year on record.  Not to be outdone, 2015 has also been record-breakingly hot so far. 

3. Boston, where our office is located, experienced the snowiest winter on record.   

4. But Bostonians can’t complain too much because a small town in Italy received almost as much in one day, which is the most snow in 24 hours ever recorded. 

5. Potentially the highest temperature ever recorded on the continent of Antartica occurred on March 24th. Though the World Meteorological Society needs to verify the 63.5F temperature as the official record, it still marks a distressing sign of a changing climate. 

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