Free Energy Benchmarking for Affordable Housing!

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If you are an owner or manager of affordable, multifamily housing, you know too well that the sector is often overlooked by efficiency programs, despite lacking the financial resources to invest in building improvements. In fact, according to a 2013 study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), reducing electric consumption by 15% and natural gas consumption by 30% (reasonable targets for comprehensive retrofits), the U.S. could save $3.4 billion per year in utility costs in the multifamily and affordable housing stock.

That is why WegoWise is excited to be partnering with New Ecology and Elevate Energy, green building consulting firms that promote development solutions) to increase energy efficiency in the multifamily housing market. Together, we are implementing state energy benchmarking programs that will increase awareness, improve building performance, and financially stabilize projects amongst multifamily, affordable housing.

These programs are free to owners in seven states: Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Illinois, Missouri, Western Pennsylvania and Virginia. In total, we will benchmark up to 1,850 buildings. The individual states have varying building limits, as mapped below. Qualifying buildings receive a free year of WegoWise to facilitate data collection and analysis, as well as New Ecology or Elevate's expertise in determining the next steps to improving energy efficiency in their portfolio. Through this process, we hope to deliver to owners solutions of maximum value to improve cash flow and project stability.

Building benchmarking program map

Participating properties must meet all of these requirements:

Do any of your properties qualify?

To enroll, email Catherine Zelenkofske at or fill out this form. By providing some basic building characteristics and your utility account information, you'll help us accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency in affordable housing. If you qualify, WegoWise will set up your account completely, and you can then revel in the actionable data you receive.

This program is already underway, so please don't wait! The program ends March 31st or when individual state limits are met, whichever comes first.