Free Energy Benchmarking for Oregon Multifamily Housing!


If you are an owner or manager of multifamily housing in Oregon looking to increase the energy efficiency of your properties, WegoWise, in collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon, has a golden opportunity for you.

Eligible properties can receive free energy assessments and instant savings upgrades as well as cash incentives for a variety of energy efficiency upgrades. To date, WegoWise has benchmarked energy and water use in over 11,000 units and 10 million square feet for Energy Trust and aims to benchmark an additional 100 buildings before the end of the year. Join other successful owners and managers in increasing the efficiency of your portfolio!

Why participate? 

Benchmarking your buildings’ energy use provides many benefits. Participating properties receive:

Eligibility requirements

Participating properties must meet all of the following requirements:

Interested in participating?

Contact Catherine Zelenkofske at By providing some basic building characteristics and your utility account information, you will gain valuable insights into your portfolio and be able to make decisions using clear and accurate data.