Introducing WegoPower: the new way to take control of your energy spend

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Ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your buildings’ energy, or helplessly watched your utility rates go up and down like a yo-yo?

Today, WegoWise launched WegoPower, a tool designed to eliminate the budgeting game of roulette by simplifying energy procurement. WegoPower gives you control over your energy costs and helps you lock in the most competitive rates for your portfolio.


Great! How does it work?
WegoPower makes energy procurement simple and transparent. We use your utility data to shop for the best supply contract offers from 30+ top suppliers, present you with the most cost-effective options, and advise you when to buy, so you can lock in favorable rates and take the uncertainty out of budgeting.

How do I know if I can choose my own energy supplier?
In about half of U.S. states, or for 95% of the country’s largest real estate owners and managers, energy is deregulated, meaning building owners and managers can choose who supplies their energy (and significantly lower costs).

Isn’t it easier to just stick with my utility company’s rate?
The task of procuring your own energy can seem so daunting that staying with your utility seems like the easiest bet, but constantly changing rates can turn your operating budget into a gamble. Some owners and managers turn to traditional energy brokers, who rely on manual analysis and a few key supplier relationships, but it’s difficult to tell whether the contracts are truly the best available.

Make empowered energy choices with WegoPower.
Let us simplify your decision-making process by taking the work out of energy procurement and the uncertainty out of your utility expenses. We’re here to help you make empowered energy decisions, so you can transform your budget from a bet into a plan. See how much your portfolio can save with WegoPower!

Want to learn more? Join our webinar on June 14th to be among the first to see how WegoPower works:

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