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Kelly started his career in plasma physics with a hope of solving the world’s energy problems through magnetic confinement fusion. After realizing that fusion won’t work in the foreseeable future (always 20 years away), he moved to energy efficiency in buildings, where the savings are both plentiful and cost-effective. He has consulted for utilities and federal agencies, supported sustainability efforts at a Fortune 100 company, and now creates analytical tools and energy efficiency products as Director of Building Analytics at WegoWise.

Libraries need to "read up" on energy efficiency

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Here at WegoWise, we have the privilege of spending a LOT of time in energy data. Beyond the 20,000 multifamily buildings in our database, we have spent much of the last year adding non-residential buildings like offices, healthcare, education and goverment. This week we were digging into libraries, and decided we might as well share what we found.  Keep reading

Nothing is Certain but Death and AB 1103 Compliance

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Imagine this. You are finalizing due diligence for the purchase of a 50,000 square foot office building. Your team has put in hundreds of hours looking at cash flows, financial models and occupancy data. Your lawyers have picked over the leases and regulatory implications. Everything is ready to go through, and at the last minute you are held up because… Keep reading

Why Traditional Energy Efficiency Doesn't Work for SMB

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Note: This post is part one of a two-part investigation into energy efficiency in the small and medium business (SMB) segment. This post explores the economics of an energy efficiency project for a small building and concludes (spoiler alert!) that a new approach will be necessary to unlock efficiency in the SMB segment. You can find part 2 here. You… Keep reading

Three Lessons Clean Energy can Borrow from Fracking

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In the quest for clean, sustainable energy sources, energy efficiency stands out as a no-brainer. Reducing energy waste in a building means not only lower bills and shrinking carbon footprints, but significantly cuts the demand for power plants, transmission lines, gas pipelines and other infrastructure. But despite its allure, energy efficiency remains… Keep reading

Turning lemons to lemonade with energy analytics

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Managing utility data can leave a sour taste in your mouth, especially when it involves hours of digging through paper bills, entering data into spreadsheets and tedious troubleshooting. Imagine a set of analytics that can turn the "lemons" of monthly utility bills into the "lemonade" of actionable insights, improved building operation and reduced energy… Keep reading

Can the internet help energy efficiency?

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In case you haven't heard, increasing energy efficiency is a pretty big deal these days. There is a general agreement that buildings could be saving kilowatt-hours and btu's, with their associated dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.  Keep reading

Should I buy shares of the Empire State Building? An energy look

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After decades of deliberation, the owners of the historic Empire State Building in New York City have decided to IPO, allowing the public to purchase shares of the Manhattan icon. This means that ownership in the famous structure are available to you and me, regardless of whether we are real estate moguls. Because I am an energy nerd, this analysis… Keep reading

What do money and energy have in common? More than you think

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By now, we have all heard about the rising cost of energy and the financial advantages of increasing energy efficiency - predictable budgeting, reduced operating expenses (one estimate is $400 billion savings per year), limited deferred maintenance expenditures. But there is another link between the dollars in your bank account and the kilowatt-hours… Keep reading

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