Greening NYC’s Buildings: Mayor de Blasio's 2015 Energy Plan

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New York City plans to reduce its environmental impact by cracking down on energy "inefficiency" in public and private buildings. Spearheaded by Mayor Bill de Blasio, One City, Built to Last is an aggressive 2015 energy plan which includes the long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2050 from 2005 levels.

Since taking office, de Blasio has focused on the issue of citywide income inequalities and this new plan ties into that, as long-term savings will likely be realized by lower-income residents. These residents typically pay more for energy due to the inefficiency of the buildings they live in, but the new plan aims to change all that. Helping lower-income residents, plus environmental benefits...what's not to love? As a building owner, here's what you need to know about One City, Built to Last and how it may impact you.

Who does it impact?

What are the goals?

How will funding work? 

Why now?

If you're a property owner in New York City, hopefully you look at One City, Built to Last as an opportunity to help your tenants save on their utility bills, improve energy efficiency in your building(s), tap into some funding, and ultimately green your portfolio and positively impact the climate. Let the greening begin!

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