Please stay safe - a Hurricane message

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As another hurricane bears down on the U.S., while Texas is still reeling from Hurricane Harvey and the west coast from wildfires, WegoWise wishes to let our clients, and most importantly their residents, know that you remain in our thoughts. 

WegoWise works with many property owners and managers in the affected areas, and we know a lot of hard work goes into helping residents stay safe, while preparing a property to withstand a natural phenomenon of this magnitude. It’s truly inspiring to see how much these property managers care. They are responsible for people’s homes, and their lives. 

The coming days, weeks and months will hold many challenges for everyone impacted.  It’s hard to know what we can do to help, other than to be responsive to your daily needs, but for now we can connect you to the many resources of the National Multifamily Housing Council and their Emergency Preparedness & Response Resources.

Please stay safe.

The WegoWise Team