Housing Authority Saves 50%+ With Cogen Multifamily Energy Retrofits

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Profitable Results and Real Energy Savings

Last year, the Worcester Housing Authority in Massachusetts made some big changes. 

Identifying the problem:

They analyzed their portfolio to identify which of their buildings were wasting the most energy. It was then possible to focus energy efficiency investment where the most savings could be achieved.

Curtis Apartments was selected, a low income development built in 1950 with 11 buildings and 355 apartments.


The housing authority chose to replace their old boilers in Curtis with new, high efficiency ones. Also, In order to improve electric and heating efficiency simultaneously, they opted to install a mini cogeneration system, a process that creates usable heat from the waste inevitably produced in electricity generation (also known as combined heating and power or CHP). 


This graph from Worcester Housing Authority's WegoWise account shows 71% decrease in electricity usage on the main electric meter when we compare December 2009 to December 2010:

energy tracking retrofit wegowise

Gas usage was significantly reduced as well. Check out the 56% decrease:

utility tracking gas massachusetts wegowise resized 600

Who can argue with energy savings of more than 50%?

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