San Francisco Energy Efficiency Ordinance

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Earlier this month we wrote blog posts about benchmarking ordinances in NYC and Seattle. In February, San Francisco joined the ever growing list of cities enacting benchmarking laws with the Existing Commercial Building Energy Performance Ordinance. The city hopes the ordinance will encourage commercial buildings to invest in energy conservation measures and reduce the city's overall carbon footprint. As detailed in the chart below, a small reduction in GHG emissions in the commercial sector could go a long way toward helping the city achieve its emission reduction goals. 

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Who needs to comply:






All Commercial Buildings >50K sqft

Data Confidential 

All Commercial buildings   >25K Sqft

Public Disclosure of Data

All Commercial Buildings  >10K Sqft 

Public Disclosure of Data

Continue for Buildings >10K Sqft

Revaluate options for <10K Sqft

What are the requirements for compliance: 

All commercial buildings that receive a notice of compliance will need to collect a year of energy use and enter it in Energy Star Portfolio Manager for the next five years.

Every year a portion of those buildings will also need to get an on-site energy audit. Buildings below 50,000 Sqft. need an ASHRAE Level I audit or a SF Energy Watch audit. Buildings above 50,000 Sqft need an ASHRAE Level II Audit or a SF Energy Watch audit.

Building owners will be responsible for reporting the results of annual benchmarking and audits to the SF Department of Energy.

Full text of the ordinance here