Green Building Resource Launched For Existing Affordable Housing: Guest Blog

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At WegoWise, we admire New Ecology's mission of community-based sustainable development, so we jumped at the chance to have Alison Corwin introduce their new online project on our blog:

Addressing the lack of Green Building Resources for Existing Multifamily Housing

New Ecology recently announced that it has officially launched A special project of LISC’s Green Development Center, the website is intended to provide owners and managers of affordable housing the resources and information they need in order make their buildings more sustainable.

Partners in many green development projects, New Ecology and LISC work with developers to build more energy and water efficient buildings. While there are many resources that provide guidance for new construction, there are few that provide specific information for existing buildings.

Green Building Resource

Reduce Maintenance and Utility Costs, Improve Resident Health

Although some affordable housing owners may have experienced tightened budgets in recent years that have caused them to postpone new construction projects, there are many opportunities to evaluate their current building stock and help reduce maintenance and utility costs as well as benefit the health of their residents. provides a number of rehabilitation measures that have been catered to existing buildings. These measures include the benefits and challenges to implementation, as well as consideration for financing and costs. The organization of the site breaks these measures down into categories that many developers and managers are familiar with: also includes information on various certification programs available to existing building projects, financing options, as well as additional resources.