Elevator Energy Use: Hydraulic Elevators vs. Traction Elevators

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Our friends at buildingwell.org were kind enough to share some of their extensive knowledge with us, so today we're hoping to provide you with some helpful information on elevator options.

Elevator choices can significantly influence a building’s energy use. The upfront costs of a traction elevator are higher than a hydraulic model, however, they are significantly more energy efficient.

According to an article written by Henry Gifford for Home Energy Magazine in their January/February 2010 issue, we learn that a hydraulic model uses 30 times more electricity than a traction elevator.

If your rehab will allow you to consider alternative elevator options, it is well worth considering a traction elevator if the budget permits.

If you are not doing an extensive rehab and are not able to switch from a hydraulic to a traction model, there are still things you can do to reduce energy use:

Traction Elevators

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Hydraulic Elevator


Hydraulic Elevator

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