NYC Local Law 84 Deadline Approaches

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NYC building owners who had yet to comply with Local Law 84 received letters warning of fines a few weeks ago. Have you complied yet? Read about the ordinance here:

Local Law 84

New York City’s Local Law 84 (LL84), which went into affect this year, mandates that owners of large NYC buildings report their property's annual energy usage to the city's Department of Finance. The law applies to buildings that are:

In total, the law will cover around 16,000 buildings. For a complete list of these properties, click here.

New York City, Greener, Greater Buildings Plan

LL84 is one of four legislative components of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. The intent of this legislation is to "...remove a loophole in the energy code to ensure that it applies to all construction projects, require annual energy efficiency benchmarking that will be disclosed to the public, and mandate a set of cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and evaluations of the city's largest buildings, both public and private." The city's buildings presently account for 75% of carbon emissions, with these measures the city hopes to reduce citywide carbon emissions by almost 5%.


Under the law, owners must submit building and utility information to the EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool. The city is offering a series of guides and classes to help owners obey, and has also allowed third parties to export building data to Portfolio Manager, so they can avoid manually entering data. (To comply using WegoWise, click here.)


The original deadline for the ordinance was May 1st, however the final rule states that penalty fines would not be administered until August 1st. (Note: In 2012, failure to comply by May 1st will result in a penalty.) Owners that failed to comply by August 1 recently recieved letters warning of fines should they not report their data by Dec. 31st. Local Law 84 states that building owners will be fined $500 per building every quarter for noncompliance.  

Still need to comply with this ordinance?