Christmas Light Recycling

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Hopefully you’re all ready for the holiday and have been enjoying your Christmas tree for a few days or weeks by now. And soon it will be time to take all the holiday trimmings down for another year.  Are some of your lights dead?  Entire strands blown out? Don’t throw them out, recycle them! 

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Do you recycle your Christmas lights? Many people don't realize that this is an option. But it is and the movement has gained popularity and momentum over the years. How does it happen? Recycling companies put your spent lights through a shredder and the pieces are processed and sorted by component, typically PVC, glass and copper. These materials are then be further processed and recycled back into useful products.

There are a variety of programs that offer Christmas light recycling.  You can mail your spent lights to companies with Christmas light recycling programs.  Some even have incentives to use their service, such as product discounts. For instance, if you mail your lights to Holiday LEDs you’ll receive a discount coupon for anything on their website. Christmas Light Source has another great recycling program.  Send your lights to them to receive a 10% discount on your next Christmas light order (plus proceeds are used to purchase books for the Dallas/Fort Marine Toys for Tots center: a win-win!).

Some stores also offer trade-in deals on Christmas lights before the holiday. Home Depot offered significant discounts on new LED Christmas lights to customers who traded in old lights. So instead of throwing your old incandescents in the trash after the holiday, hold on to them to trade in for more energy efficient ones next year!

Not interested in purchasing new lights but want to just drop off old ones?  Lowe’s has recycling receptacles for Christmas lights as well as a robust program that recycles other materials like batteries, shrink wrap, paint, plastic bags, and more. Lessen your holiday consumer guilt by finding the nearest Lowe's recycling center nearest you. You can also search by zip code at for nearby locations to recycle lights and other materials. 

However you choose to recycle your lights, you'll be lessening the environmental burden of throwing Christmas lights into our landfills. If you want to see how your energy usage stacks up to your neighbors during this busy season, get a free trial of WegoWise today. Happy holidays!

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