Santa's Carbon Footprint and other Holiday Infographics

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Love interesting infographics?  Who doesn't? And if you combine ones that focus on energy efficiency with a holiday theme, then you're really speaking our language! Here are some of our favorites for the holidays.

Just click the images below to see the full graphics.

Have you ever wondered what Santa's carbon footprint is?  Despite using non-fossil fuel based transportation, it's surprisingly high.  

santa footprint

Getting creative to save energy during the holidays can save you BIG.  Check out some of these cool tips and then impress your family and friends with a holiday meal you cooked for 17¢ worth of electricity.

Holiday energy saving infographic

As you gleefully liberate your presents from their wrapping paper and packaging, consider where it all goes (and who you'll be regifting unwanted presents to later).  

holiday waste

 How much shopping are people doing online?  The infographic below shows just how much.  Is it more environmentally friendly?  Find out here.  

holiday shopping

So what can you do to reduce your holiday waste and carbon footprint? Start with a level set on the energy you're using today. A free trial of WegoWise will help you determine where your building's energy usage falls within its peer group. Next, set out to make a difference by making little changes in the coming year.  LED lights, power strips, not letting the water run non-stop while "pre-rinsing" those holiday dishes before putting them in the dishwasher...

Who knows? When you look at your December energy use next year, you may be pleasantly surprised!

How do your buildings stack up? Find out with a free 30-day trial.