RESNET 2012: Efficiency Goes Big in Texas

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WegoWise joined hundreds of attendees at the annual RESNET conference earlier this week in sunny Austin, TX, where we found lots of energy efficiency geeks and gurus, abundant live music, and boots.  Lots of boots.  

There were over 50 informative sessions to choose from at the conference, ranging from how to better market energy efficiency to homeowners to airsealing troublesome spots of the building envelope.  

One of my personal favorites, being a data junkie, was "Assessing the Accuracy of Residential Building Energy Simulation Using a Large Empirical Dataset," presented by Dave Roberts of NREL.  It was great to see the in-depth work that is being done using actual utility consumption and building characteristics to assess the accuracy of different energy modeling programs.  Most importantly, this data is being used to refine the calculations and assumptions made in these programs to continue to make them more accurate and valuable.  

RESNET conference

My awesome colleague Lily, who joined me at the conference, really enjoyed a session she attended called "Marketing to Homebuyers -- Capitalizing on the Compelling New ENERGY STAR Value Proposition". She told me, "Even though WegoWise doesn't do anything directly with certification, it's great to see how other programs are using the low operating costs of green buildings as a marketing tool. I think the new Energy Star Homes marketing plan is really well thought out and executed. It also started me thinking about how we can use WegoWise as a tool to increase real estate value for our customers."

Getting out of the WegoCave got the gears turning for some new features to help out HERS Raters and auditors.  We got to hear what others are doing in this fast moving industry, as well as hear some innovative ideas for how Wego could help people out.  We're looking forward to next year in Orlando!