Hubway Returns: Boston's Bicycle Sharing Program

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With Boston recently ranked as #1 Safest Biking and Walking City in the nation, we decided that in celebration we would revisit one of our most popular blog topics: the Hubway bicycle sharing program.  Launched on July 29, 2011 with 60 stations and 600 bicycles, thousands of Boston residents and tourists ditched their dirty driving habits, grabbed a helmet, and joined the movement to turn Boston into one of the healthiest cities in the country.  In just five months after its launch, Hubway members took over 142,000 trips across Boston - enough miles to travel from Boston to Los Angeles and back 23 times! These 142,000 trips eliminated 11% of vehicle trips and 42% of public transit trips. 

Who uses Hubway, and why?

Pretty much everyone uses Hubway, and for all types of reasons!  In general, 62% of Hubway members are Boston residents, and 80% work in Boston.  Hubway has granted six riders who have logged the most miles (over 1,400 collectively) Gold Club status.  If you’re intimidated by Hubway regulars, rest assured that not even the top six members are “hard core” cyclists.  Some of the six did not previously commute via bicycle, or even own a bicycle for that matter.

Hubway has become a great way to get to class or work, run errands, or just for a leisurely ride. Members have found ways to reach their destination without driving, instead combining biking with other modes of transportation.  39% of Hubway trips also involved public transit and 54% also involved walking. Who needs a car when you have all these other options?


Though currently in hibernation mode, about 40 stations will be up and running mid-March, with the rest of the existing stations in Boston opening April 1.  And, if you live in Somerville, Cambridge, or Brookline, get excited! The program is expecting to add 30 new stations this summer, including 20 in Cambridge, eight in Somerville and two in Brookline, adding an additional 300 bikes to the program. 


Not sure how Hubway works? Check out my colleague Nate’s article that addresses the logistics of Hubway.  If you’re interested in signing up you should take advantage of their springtime special… the annual fee is currently $60 instead of $85.

Happy biking!