ACI National Takes over Charm City

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WegoWise joined over a thousand attendees (and Daryl Hannah) at the annual ACI National conference last week in Baltimore, MD, where we found great weather for walking by the harbor, a huge variety of sessions, and a lot of knowledgeable people from different industries.  A Home Energy Leadership Summit led off the week, followed by the Home Performance Conference. 


There were over 150 informative sessions to choose from at the conference, ranging from better internet marketing to the importance of kitchen ventilation.  There were numerous tracks that attendees could follow, making it a little easier to choose sessions, but it was still tough to pick just a few from the great offerings.  

One of my favorite sessions was Redefining Affordable Housing Metrics and Goals, presented by Neil Curtis of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation.  The session detailed work done in Vermont to address keeping multi-family utility costs affordable for 15 years, the typical time between capital investments in the buildings.  Packages of retrofit measures were shown that would keep utility costs manageable and fit within the renovation budget.  A Roadmap for Housing Energy Affordability is a great document that covers these packages.  While specific to Vermont, the majority of ideas can easily be applied elsewhere.  It's a great tool to help get project teams thinking about utility costs and how to address them while they have the chance.

ACI nationalWhile the sessions were informative, it was the mix of people who really made the conference what it was.  Everyone from contractors to auditors to policy makers were there sharing ideas.  There were three evening receptions, which gave attendees ample opportunity to catch up, compare notes, and brainstorm.