Two years and counting!

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A guest post from our Founder and CTO, Barun Singh.

On March 18, we quietly breezed past our two year anniversary here at WegoWise!  We would have thrown a party, but we've been pretty busy -- just a few days afterward,  we were one of a small number of companies selected to speak at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, where we were invited to talk about our innovative business and discuss where we're headed. 

I wanted to take a bit of time to share the exciting trajectory that we've seen develop over the last couple years, both within WegoWise and the general landscape of building energy efficiency. 

When we developed the first version of the WegoWise platform and started testing it with real users, we knew we were on to something big. The software was much more basic than it is now, but it still caught peoples' attention.

Our premise was pretty simple. Most buildings waste a lot of energy and water, and these utility expenses are a significant financial waste as well. People generally sense that they could be saving money but don't know how to achieve the savings. The fundamental problem is about data -- either not having enough data, not being able to interact with it efficiently, or not being able to make sense of it.

We looked at a field dominated and daunted by spreadsheets, paper bills, and time consuming manual calculations, and we saw a chance to make things better.

Our value proposition was clear; the cost for a WegoWise subscription is next to nothing compared with the amount being spent on utilities. Our initial customers were able to use what they learned from WegoWise to make improvements to their buildings that saved them thousands of dollars and reduced their energy and water usage drastically -- improvements they might never have known to make without the information they learned from WegoWise.

Other folks started understanding this premise too, and over the past two years, we've seen great growth across all metrics.

Wego building count

utility bill tracking

Our team has grown in the last two years to 14 people and counting.

Our service is expanding daily – we are growing the number of utility companies we automatically retrieve data from (right now we support 70+ utilities over 27 states and Canada); we are adding new features that you may or may not see, all of which are making things work better; and we are increasing the amount of data we're tracking which lets us get better benchmarks and convey more meaningful information to all of our users.

We're excited about where things are headed. We see a shift taking place where people are increasingly using real data to make smarter energy efficiency decisions, and we’re proud to be on the leading edge of this transformation.

Of course, all of our success is thanks to our users, who help us grow, and who are working to change the status quo to actually do something about making this planet a bit greener.

We have a ton of new features, offerings and partnerships in store for the coming year, including a major revamp we’re planning on releasing wthin the next few weeks. Keep an eye out here, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!