WegoWise's Top 5 Links for Energy Efficiency

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. This week we take a look at some thoughts on energy efficiency and of getting along better with nature.  So peruse our best links, give us some feedback and be sure to share some of the info you just gleaned with other interested parties at the parties you are hopefully attending this weekend. Brought to you by DanNateSeanLilyCatherine, and Casey.

  1. What's Undermining Energy Efficiency? - While energy efficiency is the cheapest option to meet energy demands, two factors hinder efforts.
  2. Geothermal Heating System Draws on Limitless Fuel: Sewage - A unique way to make a "waste" a resource.  
  3. Save the Beach or Save Your House - A unique perspective on letting nature take its course.    
  4. State of the Air 2012 Report Release by American Lung Association - The cities with the best and worst air in the US.
  5. Disaster Resilience Part of Sustainability, Too - Making buildings resistant to natural disasters is another piece of making them sustainable.