WegoWise's Top 5 Links for Summer Projects

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. It's the best time of year to take a stay-cation and work on some of the things you have been putting off for years. If your deck doesn't have stairs, that might be the best place to start, Dad. But if you are looking for a great project to pour some time into, look no further. So peruse our best links, give us some feedback and be sure to share some of the info you just gleaned with other interested parties at the parties you are hopefully attending this weekend. Brought to you by DanNateSeanLilyCatherineCaseyKate and Bert.


  1. Complete Guide to Composting Your Trash - Whoa Whoa Whoa. You weren't just going to throw out that orange rind, were you? Trash Talk, not the hardcore punk band, tells you just about everything you need to know to convert your food waste into rich soil. 
  2. How To Make A Recycled Planter Box - The people at Fresh Home Ideas give us, and the internet at large, a great walkthrough on how to make a lovely planter box.
  3. 5-Gallon Bucket Swing - EcoRenovator shows you how to make a busted bucket a bunch of fun for your kids. Teach them about alliteration, before it's too late.
  4. How to: Make A Headboard Bench From Scraps - The lovely folks over at Apartment Therapy say you can make a beautiful headboard for a bench or bed, for only $38. Prove them right this summer.
  5. DIY Project: An Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder - Green Living knows that mother nature provides enough to supports its own. So check out their guide and dust off that ornithology book.