WegoWise's Top 5 Local Restaurants for an Energy-Conscious Eater

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Whether you want to be a well-fed citizen or just want to kill some time before 5 on a Friday afternoon, WegoWise has got you covered. Do you need to find a restaurant for your weekend dinner reservation? Or do you simply like to eat? The links below will help you eat and be green at the same time. So peruse our best links, give us some feedback and be sure to share some of the info you just gleaned with other interested parties at the parties you are hopefully attending this weekend. 


The following Boston-area local restaurants are all certified green by the Green Restaurant Association and certified delicious by Wego. 

1. Taranta Ristorante. Located in Boston's North End.

This is not your typical North End restaurant. This is the birthplace of Peruvian-inspired Italian cuisine. Besides being top-rated by ZAGAT, in October 2007, the restaurant received green-certification of 2 stars and is working its way to become a sustainable, carbon-neutral business. In 2008, Taranta received the City of Boston Green Business Award, last year they received the Massachusetts Recycling Award, and they are currently planning on becoming ISO 14001 certified. Read about Taranta's green initiatives such as: composting, having a biodynamic, sustainable, organic wine list, eliminating bottled water, using corn-based polymer straws, and using 100% recycled paper and soy ink. 

2. Grendel's Den. Located in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

You want local food? How about local beer? Grendel's Den has "Gone Green" and spells out on their menu all the organic and local choices. They serve local bread (from Iggys), many Boston and New England beers, and even promote eating more veggies, sustainable seafood, and less meat (if not raised organically and sustainably). They even have organic Vodka! But the best part of Grendel's might be their Half-Price Food nights every evening.

3. The Fireplace. Located in Brookline.

Boston's Restaurant Week is coming up later this month, but Fireplace is offering their special prix-fixe menu for the whole month of August. That's one reason to eat there this summer, but even better is their commitment to buying food from local farmers and fishermen. The restaurant's green projects consist of energy-efficient lighting, a recycling program, and energy-efficient windows that keep heat out during summer and in during winter. They even recycle their frying oil, by turning it into fuel.  

4. Boloco. (BOston LOcal COmpany). Located throughout the Boston area and New England. 

If you are in a rush or on a budget, this is where you want to eat. Boloco - master of the wrap (or burrito) - is known for its eco-friendly initiatives and got all of its restaurants certified 'green' 2 stars by the Green Restaurant Association in 2008. Their trash bin is actually 3- one for compost, one for recycling, and one for waste. The plastic cups are actually made of corn, utensils are made of potato-starch, and plastic bowls are really made from bamboo (all of which are 100% compostable). The tables and countertops are even made of recycled paper. I haven't even mentioned how all of their meat is hormone-free, grass fed/vegetarian fed, and all natural. Even their tofu is 100% organic. Next time you stop by your neighborhood Boloco, be sure to ask about their sustainable practices.

5. Za. Located in Arlington.

Craving Pizza? Za gets all of their toppings from local farms: Verrill Farm in Concord, Eva's Greens in South Dartmouth, Angelini Farms in Wrentham, as well as farmer's markets in Arlington and Somerville. 

Traveling or want to know more about eco-friendly eating? Find Local Restaurants and Sustainable Food and eat well wherever you may be this weekend.