WEGOlympics: Our Very Own Energy Efficiency Olympics

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It seems like not a day goes by without people in our office gathering around the proverbial water-cooler (which in our case is a non-proverbial foosball table) and discussing the Olympics. This got us thinking, and blogging, about how we could reward our customers for their energy and money savings, as if the savings themselves weren't reward enough. So we created the WegOlympics and combed through our database of almost 10,000 buildings to pick the winners. Our Opening Ceremony, in which we chronicled the brief history and meteoric rise of WegoWise through interpretive energy tracking, did not get as much media coverage as the boondoggle in London, but we are hoping that our Medal Ceremony can turn the tables in our favour. Based on a similar judging system as the Men's Gymnastics Floor Routine, we have hand-picked the winners of this year's 2012 WegOlympics. Here are your winners. You have made your country very proud.

Largest Retrofit Savings (percentage reduction):

These are the buildings that have improved the most while tracking their energy with WegoWise. 

Community Housing Partners: for the renovation of the Wytheville Apartments in Wytheville, VA.  Stellar job!


Rogerson Communities: for the renovation of an apartment building in the heart of Boston, MA.   

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) - for the renovation of a single family rowhome in Baltimore, MD.