5 Great Ideas for Green Tenant Events

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A near constant challenge for every property manager with whom we work, is trying to get their tenants interested in saving energy. One would think the obvious monetary benefits would be enough but what about those tenants who don't pay utility bills? This blog posts owes thanks to several very clever property managers who shared their green-tenant event calendars with the world.

  1. First thing is first, you are going to want to look into The Green Tenant Toolkit. The kit was designed by property managers in San Francisco, but it can be used by anyone, in any city. This isn't as much of an event as it is a way to motivate and inspire interest in energy savings. It's benefits extend beyond tenant events and savings but actively engaging with the Toolkit can increase the property's value as well.
  2. If you want to take your tenant interaction to the next level, follow the example that these Seattle property managers set. They started small, with simples notes about saving electricity, but expanded rapidly to include in-house composting demos - which ultimately led to the building composting it's waste on a much grander scale - and they even had a electric car showing in the lobby on Earth Day. These guys went above and beyond, but check out their ideas and adapt them to fit your scale. 
  3. The people at Melvin Mark in Portland have a history of successful green tenant events and they have their calendar up in the public domain. How thoughtful. Take note of some strategies that they have used; varying the location of tenant events, holding recycling demos, and going to "green" movie screenings. On December 20, 2011 the group organized a trip to see "Dirt: The Movie." (Link is SFW).
  4. Number 4 on our list comes from our hometown of Boston, but can be adapted to any locale. Encourage tenants to get involved in a community garden. This begins on the informational level. Share this website and other's like it with your tenants and take steps towards eating locally and becoming more involved with the community at large. If your tenants can start a garden for your development you will be a hero and given the key to the WegoWise City. 
  5. Finally, PARTY. Everyone likes to relax and unwind but they key in doing this, in a green fashion, is making your tenant party zero-waste. Look at the tips and examples from Green Property Management and Eco-Cycle.


These are great places to begin thinking about your next tenant event. And remember, these are incredible examples of events. If they are not within your means, organizing a tree-planting day or putting up fliers about energy conservation are great ways to get started. And be sure to ask for tenant ideas, if there is interest in the planning phase, the turnout is almost guarantees to be high.