A Look at Energy Consumption through Infographics

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In today's blog post we will let the infographics do the talking. Explore energy consumption on a global, national, and personal level with these five infographics.  Let us know which one is your favorite!

These first two infographics illustrate who's naughty when it comes to clean energy, and who's nice.  Watch as world consumption expands throughout the last three decades, with a big boom in Asia.  

Coal World Consumption resized 600

Now check out who is making the effort to invest in clean energy.  You'll notice that China is a big player in both the naughty and the nice categories!


How is your state doing in terms of its appetite for energy? If you don't live in Texas or Wyoming, you may be doing okay!


How much energy do your appliances use? Get a good estimate with this infographic:


And last but not least, have you ever wondered how much energy one Google search requires? This infographic will make you think twice about searching for "cute puppies." Or maybe not...

google search energy infographic resized 600