WegoWise's Top 5 Links for School Green Teams

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Whether you want to be a more informed citizen, or just want to kill some time on a Friday before 5, WegoWise has got you covered!  Energy-conscious living and earth-friendly habits like recycling can be hard to develop as an adult.  Thankfully, schools around the country are helping the next generation be more conscientious by empowering them to help reduce their school's carbon footprint.  Green teams are popping up in schools all over, and we here at WegoWise want to help!  So peruse our best links, give us some feedback, and be sure to share some of the information you've learned with other interested parties at the (zero waste) parties you're hopefully attending this weekend. Brought to you by CatherineCaseyJoannaSam and Adam.

1. Planning a green team or need some new ideas for your existing crew?  Check out this Planning Guide from the Go Green Initiative.

2. Now that you have a plan, check out CO-based non-profit Green Up Our Schools' webpage for tools, inspiration, and resources to make your projects go smoothly.

3. Take a field trip to your local utlity providers!  Nothing beats seeing what the "dirty work" of resource conservation looks like, and many municipalities offer free educational tours of recycling facilities or water works.  If you can't make it, or just want to get psyched up for the trip, take a look online for video tours like this and this.

4. Get serious about conserving energy for both your conscience and for your school's budget!  Take a cue from another WegoWise blog reader, and check out this list of great conservation tips. 

5. One of the most important ways to staying involved is staying informed.  Look to environmental news outlets like Grist, and Mother Earth News for the latest environmental stories, and encourage your students and classmates to learn everything they can about issues like energy efficiency, clean tech, and environmental protection.