WegoWise's Top 5 Links for Greening the Superbowl

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Whether you're looking to become a more informed citizen, or just trying to kill some time before 5 on a Friday, WegoWise has got you covered!  Superbowl weekend is upon us and depending on the level of your fandom, that might entail anything from a weekend of hype, shouting, and nachos to overhearing Jon Stewart talk about the winner on Monday.  Either way, you should be happy to hear that the organizers of Superbowl XLVII are aiming for this to be the most sustainable Superbowl yet.  What with this being the most-watched and highest-profile few hours of television of the year, we're excited to see green features integrated into the planning of this massive event.  So peruse our best links, leave us some feedback, and be sure to share any interesting new info you learn with other interested parties at the parties you're hopefully attending this weekend.  Brought to you by CatherineCaseyJoannaSam and Adam.


1.  Geaux Green! - The New Orleans Host Committee has a great resource for you to make energy-efficiency and resource-consumption pledges, help green the city of New Orleans, and offset the carbon footprint of your Superbowl travel. So far, Geaux Green has tracked 22,521,852 lbs of CO2 offset by NFL fans. 

2.  Local fashion and accessory company, REpurposingNOLA is taking used promotional banners for Superbowl XLIV and turning them into dresses, swimsuits, and bags.  Check out their SB44 line!

3.  The host committee has partnered with local non-profit Hike for KaTREEna to plant 7,000 new trees in and around New Orleans to offset the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.  The committee boasts that this smashes the record for most trees planted as a part of a Superbowl, previously held by Dallas at 5,000.

4.  Interested in some long-form Green Superbowl reading?  Head over to the Indianapolis Superbowl XLVI (2012) Sustainability Report to see all the details of that city's environmental efforts during last year's big game. 

5. Top 5? Top 10? Nah! Laurie Wiegler of the Hartford Green Living Examiner, has 49 Ways to Green your Superbowl Party.  If you read one top-49 list of green superbowl party tips today, make it this one.