Top 5 Links for Snow-pocalypse

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Winter storm Juno is bearing down on us, and we're prepping you with some fun links to ride out the storm comfortably, efficiently, and without going stir-crazy from boredom.  Peruse, forward to your coworkers, and share at the parties you're snowshoeing or skiing to this week!

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  1. Mother Nature News has good tips on how to stay warm without the heat on.

  2. When the lights go out, so does the TV! Make sure you've got plenty of board games on hand to play with friends and family.  All that shouting and gesturing is sure to raise the interior temperature, too! We recommend some favorites like Settlers of Catan, Anomia, and The Game of Things. Feeling particulary naughty? Don't forget Cards Against Humanity.

  3. Get inspired by these amazing snow forts!

  4. Are frequent severe weather events a product of climate change? That's a hot topic. Here's a great piece on snow, global warming, and the latest (political) attitudes.

  5. If your relatives in other parts of the country text you everytime there's a weather event near you, put them at ease (and skip the pot-filling), by filling up a box with drinking waterRest easy knowing you can drink, flush, and wash your way through anything.

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