DC Benchmarking Deadline April 1st, No Fooling Around

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As the first major city to pass Energy Star benchmarking and disclosure laws, Washington DC led the country. However New York City left DC behind with NYC Local Law 84 implementation.  Now the DC energy disclosure rules are final and the time has arrived to report your Energy Star score for your commercial building.  Multi-family buildings also have to submit their energy usage to the EPA through Energy Star Portfolio Manager, though they don’t have to collect tenant data (yet). 

Here are the new and final reporting deadlines for the District of Columbia Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 (CAEA):

According to BuildingRating.org

“The more complicated issue is what data to provide and when it will be made public because of long delays on the regulation's publication. Here is a handy cheat sheet that should provide some clarity to what was a long and confusing process:



Years of Utility Data

Years of Data Made Public

April 1, 2013

200,000 sf +



April 1, 2013

150,000-200 sf



April 1, 2013

100,000-150,000 sf



The DC Government also put their money where their mouth is and lead by example, benchmarking 200 city owned building and releasing the District Public Building Benchmarking Report.

“It is important for the District Government to lead by example, establishing ENERGY STAR® benchmarking for its buildings and showing the value of these metrics in driving energy and cost savings,” said Brian Hanlon, Director of the DGS

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Additional information about the Energy Star disclosure law:

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