Green Property Management Guide: Updated!

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Green property management is important to the health and safety of your tenants. This e-book is an incredible resource for affordable and market rate multifamily housing owners to define and apply green measures within their portfolios. Added bonus? You'll save money, energy, water, and the environment while you're at it!

Green apartments

Boston LISC created this Green and Healthy Property Management guide to provide owners of multifamily housing a basis for discussion with their property managers about green and healthy goals, implementation of those goals, and ongoing oversight of the properties’ energy performance.  By using this guide you can: 

In creating the guide, Boston LISC worked with local housing owners and their third-party property managers to comb through applicable green and healthy goals, thresholds for action, and individual responsibilities.  The result is a manual that you can use to develop green and healthy property management practices through a simple four-step process:

  1. Assessing Current Practices
  2. Developing Your Goal
  3. Securing Organizational Commitment
  4. Pursuing and Tracking Green and Healthy Practices

Topics covered include energy reduction, water conservation, green laundry, pest control, and green cleaning, to name a few.  Whether you're a property manager or owner, or just interested in green practices, download it here for free!

Feel free to share this valuable resource with anyone interested in managing properties in a more environmentally-friendly way. Special thanks to Boston LISC and Tohn Environmental for creating a great roadmap for green property management!

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