WegoWise's Friday Talking Points: Data Centers

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Whether you're networking over some Green Drinks or getting a few words in over the cheers of March Madness, you're going to need something to talk about this weekend, and WegoWise has got you covered.  We've combed the internet (all of it) to give you a primer on the latest energy, sustainability, and technological trends so that you can burn off a Friday afternoon, recharge your list of talking points, and go into your weekend with a fresh take on familiar conversations.


Think the cloud floats in the sky? Think again.  The internet is rooted in very tangible tech, and that tech uses energy.  Massive Data centers concentrate thousands of servers together and host everything from panda videos to building analytics, consuming massive amounts of energy all-the-while.  Check out some of the links below to learn a bit more about these energy hogs, recent efforts to make them more efficient, and a far-out idea for heating your home with information....goosechill!

1. Apple’s Data Centers Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy

2. Power, Pollution and the Internet

3. Big data centers = big environmental footprints

4. Earn an Energy Star by benchmarking your datacenter

5. Data Furnaces Could Bring Heat to Homes