WegoWise's Friday Links: It's a Scorcher!

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Whether you're trying to become a more informed citizen or just trying to kill some time on a Friday, WegoWise has got you covered.  Summertime is here, and if it hasn't already, you're building will soon be cranking up its cooling systems to deal with the rapidly rising temperatures.  If beating the heat is on your mind this weekend, check out our links below to learn why we measure cooling systems in tonnage, how early AC systems worked, and more great tidbits about the hot weather, cool buildings, and finding ways to cool down.


1. Green Building Advisor asks: Why Do We Measure Air Conditioner Capacity in Tons?

2. Before the modern air conditioner, there were many strategies for keeping buildings cool, including massive blocks of ice.

3. Think the ice-block method is old timey and quaint?  Some major companies are looking to this classic tech as a cost-effective, green solution to increased cooling loads.

4. Preparing our buildings to handle extreme heat is important for safety as well as comfort, especially with the prospect of bigger, longer, and more frequent heat storms in the coming decades.

5. Sometimes it's just too hot to stay indoors.  If you're looking for a place to cool off in a river, lake, or other body of water, check out this database of swimming holes across the country!