WegoWise's Top 5 Links for a Sustainable Summer in Boston, MA

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It’s Friday, and you all should know what that means . . . weekly links! That’s right, the WegoWise team has put together a list of 5 fun, sustainable, and entertaining activities that are happening right in our hometown, Boston, MA so on this Fourth of July weekend you can have some activities lined up! Whether you’re looking to do something active or relax outdoors, we have just the right things for you! Below are 5 activities our fellow WegoWisers’ would do. Check it out; there’s bound to be something on this list that will catch your attention. 

1. Hiking at Blue Hills–

This hiking trail provides a great view of Boston, and don’t worry, a walking stick is not required - but feel free to bring one. There are many different trails that could be right for you, so get your sneakers on and hike your way up to a beautiful view of the city.


2. Picnic at Boston Commons-

Eating at restaurants is always nice, but why not switch it up every so often? Make a home cooked meal at home and pack it for the Commons. And if you’re not the type to cook, there are a bunch of sandwich shops alongside the park for you. Set your blanket down on the grass, read a book, or just enjoy your food while taking in the city life atmosphere (you get the best of both worlds with city life and some down time).


3. Kayak/Canoe in the Charles River-

Want to see a beautiful landscape of Boston? Spend your day kayaking at the Charles River from Kendall Square. This semi-active sport is not only relaxing, but also double rewarding with breathtaking views of the city!


4. Summer Yoga

Who says working out can’t be fun? Come join a group of talented instructors and learn some moves that will relieve some stress and build great energy for you. This fun yoga class is located right in the Boston Commons, which is accessible from several T stops, so check this site for further directions.

Directions: http://www.cityofboston.gov/freedomtrail/bostoncommon.asp

More on the yoga class: http://www.bostonfrogpond.com/info/calendar


5. Bike Rentals

One of the quickest ways to get around Boston is by riding a bike. Hubway is a rental bike system scattered around the Boston area; all you have to do is stop by any Hubway station. You have the option to rent for a day, 3 days, monthly, or yearly. Even more conveniently, there is a smartphone app called Spotcycle where users can locate the closest bike station and whether or not there are bikes available. Check it out!


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