Introducing the Coffee Trike: Coffee on the Go

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What is the “Coffee Trike”?
The coffee trike derived its catchy name from Alessandro “San” Bellino. He is originally from Australia, and came to the states to study at the Berklee School of Music. Throughout those years, he worked in several coffee shops to develop his skills in becoming a coffee enthusiast.

He came up with this name after combining his two favorites things: coffee and cycling, which today have gotten all of the Boston coffee lovers to stop frequently to get a look at his unique bike and a taste of his delicious cold brew or espresso.

The story doesn’t end just yet; behind his genius idea for the “Coffee Trike” lays a way to help out the community and the environment.

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How does he contribute to the community?
All of Mr. Bellino’s ingredients are from local businesses. His coffee is from a company named The George Howell Coffee Company of Acton, MA, and his milk is from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA. Often times his customers ask if they could brew the same coffee in their own homes, so he also encourages his customers to make purchases from his distributors.

Keeping his business sustainable:
This business really breaks down to the little things to become more sustainable. First off, Mr. Bellino rides his tricycle to work, meaning each and every place he goes to is with his tricycle, thus reducing his carbon footprint. He also uses biodegradable cups to serve his fresh coffee.

What is really impressive is the design of the tricycle. This creative design was made in Amsterdam; the tricycle includes a rechargeable battery pack, which is how he runs his machines, a pitcher rinse that uses the right amount of water to clean his kitchenware, one drain to reduce the amount of water usage, and lastly, one trash compartment to hold all waste.

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                                                                  Mr. Bellino's amazing creation

Now some here are some facts about Bellino’s ways of being GREEN:
- The bike holds about 9 gallons of water, and on a daily basis he uses about 7 gallons or even much less.

- All the waste is given to his neighbor to use as compost for their garden.

So if you’re in the Boston area looking for great tasting coffee and a humorous individual with a sustainable mindset, the Coffee Trike is the way to go!

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                                                     Some of the WegoWise team getting their coffee fix

 Check out his personal website to find out where he’ll be pedaling to next: